Mental Health Carers Norway (LPP) is the only Norwegian advocacy group solely working for the well-being and needs of mental health carers. We are a driving force in strengthening mental health care through improved communication between people with mental illness, families, therapists, and relevant authorities at municipal and national levels.

Carers are a significant resource and an important part of the solution for the person who has mental ill health. We work with government, mental health service providers, and the wider community to promote carer inclusive policies and practices.

What is a mental health carer?

A mental health carer is someone who

  • is a family member – such as a parent, spouse, partner, child, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin – or friend, who is vital in supporting someone with mental ill health
  • provides emotional and practical support for someone with mental ill health
  • does not necessarily live with the one they care for

Countrywide local chapters

LPP comprises 25 local chapters throughout Norway. Our members are central to our advocacy structure of translating grassroots experience of carers to the national voice of mental health carers.

Our local chapters support carers in their efforts to live connected, productive and satisfying lives, by providing guidance and comfort. They organise relevant conferences, meetings, conversational groups, self-help groups, social gatherings, outings and more.

Through our local chapters, carers become part of a community with others in a comparable situation, offering mutual support in caring for their family member/friend with mental ill health, and dealing with relevant local authorities and organisations.

Do you need help?

Call our national information and support line for mental health carers. Advisers will provide professional- and experience-based guidance, from the fields of mental health work, communication and working with families.

Get in touch with us here.

Are you concerned someone you know might take their own life?

We have created a short film about suicide prevention. It is available here in 11 languages: Norwegian, Sami, English, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Somali, Sorani (Kurdish), Turkish, Ukrainian and Urdu.

On Health Norway, you can read about

  • what to look for/signs of suicidal thoughts
  • what to do if you think someone has suicidal thoughts
  • how to talk with them
  • what to do if somone says they have suicidal thoughts, and
  • where to get help

Call 113 in case of acute suicide risk